There are so many things I could pop on this page, but I’ll keep it short so that you can get to reading all of the posts!

I started knitting a year and a half ago, as something to do to distract me from my pain on days when I wasn’t able to move from my bed. Due to my disability, a bad case of Ehlers -Danlos Syndrome, unfortunately I’m still unable to move most days, so either park myself in bed and knit, or shuffle to my sewing machine. My first knit was a very ugly bright red scarf (not well knitted at all). Luckily, the receiver of the scarf was very (very) encouraging and even wore it outside! I know for sure that if I hadn’t had this boost of confidence I wouldn’t have been so enthusiastic about knitting, and might not even have carried on at all. If you have only just started knitting (or any craft for that matter) it’s likely that your first few makes will not look the best. Look around you for support – if you aren’t able to find any, go on over to the ‘contact’ part of the site and send me a photo! I’d be more than happy to take a look – show me anything!

I taught myself to sew almost exactly a year later, sewing my first dress (go ahead, click the link, I’ll be waiting here) by hand before deciding whether to spend money on a machine. Of course, it took forever, but I loved it. I got my sewing machine soon after and I’ve been unstoppable ever since – I even plan to sew my own prom dress this year – no pressure!