What’s Going On?

Over the past few months, I’ve been suspiciously inactive, I know – and I’m sorry!

To start with, I wasn’t really aware of how little I’d been posting on my social media, this blog and YouTube, but then a few of you lovely people who follow me sent me a message to wonder where I’d got to.

The truth is, I was feeling a little bit down and not myself, so I decided to take a step back from everything. I wasn’t enjoying going on Instagram, and every time I did post, I felt like I shouldn’t be – nothing I was making seemed to be going to plan, and I ended up comparing everything I made to other people’s wonderful handmade wardrobes, and feeling a little inadequate. I still loved chatting to people in the comments of my pictures, and I still felt like I belonged (I mean, how couldn’t I?! The Instagram community among sewists has got to be one of the most supportive places on social media), but it was becoming a source of stress and anxiety.

After my couple of months off from everything and an opportunity to think about what I’m comfortable with, I’ve decided to stop uploading on YouTube, and focus instead on writing for my blog (both this one and Clothing Care Co) and Instagram.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported me and my YouTube channel, but I’ve realised that it’s started to make me more anxious than anything – I feel much more comfortable typing out my thoughts into blog posts than I think I ever could behind the camera, but I’m glad I tried it! The videos that I have made will stay up on YouTube, and maybe one day I’ll start uploading again – but for now, I’m going to do much more writing.

So, in conclusion (because I feel like I’ve said a lot without really saying anything, you know what I mean?) I’m going to stop uploading to YouTube. Instead, I’ll write about my makes, plans, reads and chronicles of illness on here, and start being more active on Instagram again! And, as always, I really appreciate your support.