Me Made May: Week Two

Just so that you have time to prepare yourselves, there’s only been one day this week that I haven’t worn a Sew Over It pattern – I hadn’t even realised I’d been doing that until I sat down to get all of the pictures together for this post!

DAY 7 – Monday 7th May

Photo 08-05-2018, 08 08 08


Pattern: Doris Dress from Sew Over It

Fabric: Garance from Atelier Brunette x Mini Labo


Like I said when I wore my Marigold trousers made in this fabric last week, this print is the light of my life. I must get some more! Today was really warm, so I was glad to be wearing one of my Doris dresses which is slightly looser and could allow the breeze in. I did have a bit of a problem getting it over my head though (which is strange, because I don’t remember that happening with this dress before – I must’ve been flailing a lot) and ended up with a little tear in the fabric just above the zip, which I promptly fixed! There’s not a lot else to say about this dress really, it’s one of my favourite patterns – and the fabric matches my phone case. What more could a gal want?

DAY 8 – Tuesday 8th May




Pattern: Doris Dress by Sew Over It (short, tie-back version)

Fabric: ‘Abstract’ by Atelier Brunette


On the day, I didn’t realise I’d put on two Doris dresses in a row – I hope you don’t mind too much! This is the dress that I wore for my birthday dinner last month, so when I had it on it reminded me of our lovely trip to Scotland! This is my most  recently made Doris, and the one which fits me the best. I really like how it can be dressed up or down if I fancy (I definitely counted as ‘dressed down’ today) and the ties on the back, for some reason, make me feel like a bit of a princess. The fabric is very see through though which is a bit of a bother – I have to be quite careful in my underwear choices!

DAY 9 – Wednesday 9th May




Pattern: Alex Shirt from Sew Over It City Break

RTW (ready to wear) jeans

Fabric: ‘Sparkle Powder Gold’ Atelier Brunette


I really felt myself in this outfit! This Alex shirt is definitely right up there as one of my favourite garments in my wardrobe. I absolutely love this fabric, and I think that’s what makes it as lovely as it is. I got it in a remnant sale at Sew Over It, and there was just under a metre there – but I was determined to do some pattern tetris and get an Alex shirt out of it! You can see from my little face how happy I am in this outfit, and on the day I got compliments from three separate people on my shirt. For some reason, I hadn’t worn it for a while before this, but it reminded me how much I do love it – both the shirt and the fabric (you can read my review of this particular Alex shirt HERE). This was my third Atelier Brunette fabric of the week – I think they’re a fabric manufacturer that, before this Monday, I hadn’t properly realised my love for. All four garments that I’ve made in their fabrics are ones that I feel really happy and comfortable in, and though they’re a bit pricey, they’re definitely a worthwhile investment for me. I’d really love a jumpsuit in this sparkle powder gold fabric!

On another note, this is the first time I’ve worn jeans in the whole of Me Made May so far. I’m actually quite proud about that, because I honestly do usually wear jeans every single day. It has taken me some willpower some days to avoid wearing jeans, but I’ve been doing it successfully and loving my outfits! It has made me realise how often I reach for them though, so jeans are definitely going on my to make list after this month!

DAY 10 –  Thursday 10th May




Pattern: Vintage Shirt Dress by Sew Over It, with ties that I added

Fabric: The most beautiful of polycrepes ever to exist, bought from the Sew Over It stand at the Knitting and Stitching Show last year


This is the first ever garment that I made using a Sew Over It pattern, and one that I still get a lot of wear out of! It’s far from perfect (very far indeed), but being the sentimental sausage I am, I’d count it as another one of my favourite things in my wardrobe – I don’t care that there are a lot of mistakes, I’m going to keep wearing it! And to be honest, I think I did quite well making it with crepe… the fabric was very slippery! I made this dress last Easter (you can read my post about it HERE) and wore it the first time I went to the actual Sew Over It shop for my 18th birthday trip with my boyfriend Will. The fabric is a really beautiful print – it’s pretty and bright, but not so novelty that it makes me feel and look like less of a grown up. Thinking about it, that’s how I feel about the Atelier Brunette fabrics, and what I need more of in my wardrobe.

DAY 11 – Friday 11th May

Photo 11-05-2018, 19 19 37



Shirt Pattern: Sew Over It Ultimate Shirt (I’m currently running a giveaway for the online class for this pattern here)

Trousers pattern: Ultimate Trousers by Sew Over It

Shirt Fabrics: Main body – old bedsheet, Cuffs & yoke – embroidered linen tablecloth from a charity shop

Trousers fabric: From a Sew Hayley Jane box last June


This was my favourite outfit of the week! The colours of the embroidered cuffs and yoke matched the pink in the trousers really well. I wasn’t too hot or cold, and I felt like I looked like I’d put a lot of thought into the outfit, which in actual fact I hadn’t. It wasn’t until much later in the day, when someone pointed out my colour-coordination that I realised what had happened. Naturally, I went along with it and pretended it was intentional. I think that this shirt is going to end up being a bit of a hero piece this month – I do love layering!

On a side note, please do enter my giveaway – you could win the Sew Over It Guide to Sewing Shirts Online Class! Click HERE to watch the video.

DAY 12 – Saturday 12th May



Dress pattern: Sew Over It Vintage Shirt Dress

Fabric: ‘Shower Cap Red’ from the Cotton and Steel Beauty Shop Range


To be honest, I was quite worried that I was going to feel a little bit overdressed, but I’m trying to worry less about what other people think of what I’m wearing, and just dress however I like. I’ve reserved my more out-there clothing days for Tuesdays and Saturdays – my pattern cutting lessons, where my teacher always looks great in her handmade things and doesn’t think twice about wearing a super jazzy velvet jumpsuit on a Tuesday evening. I’m trying to suck up some of her attitude to dressing! When I first put on the dress, I did think ‘oh dear, all I’m doing is going to my class, and then I’ll just be at home for the rest of the day!’, but I kept it on anyway. After seeing the lovely Rhiannon (in her mermaid scale leggings this week), I felt more confident and ended up having a really productive day! I think I have the dress to thank.

DAY 13 – Sunday 13th May

Photo 13-05-2018, 13 21 58



Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Marigold jumpsuit (no hacks)

Ready to wear  rollneck

Fabric: Yellow Stripe Chambray from Fabrics Galore


I really like this jumpsuit and the embroidery took me blimmin’ ages, but I actually didn’t love this outfit very much – I think as a whole, it made me look a bit childish. Maybe it was the Swedish Hasbeens, which I love with a lot of other outfits but potentially made this one a little too yellow. I’ve also found that I’m not a particular fan of the out-of-the-packet Marigold bodice, so maybe I’d get more wear out of this jumpsuit if I turned it into just the Marigold trousers. I’ll try it with different shoes first, but if I still feel the same way after that, I know that altering it into just the trousers will mean I get more wear from it – I’m definitely not going to waste showing off that embroidery!


  • How haven’t I realised until now how much I love the Atelier Brunette fabrics?! They’re pricey, but they get a lot of wear in my wardrobe and make me ridiculously happy. I’d especially love some more of that ‘Sparkle Powder Gold’ so that I can use it to make a jumpsuit!
  • I must make some jeans!
  • Branch out to a wider range of pattern companies – this month was very Sew Over It heavy!
  • Use more fabrics that are pretty and bright, but still quite ‘grown up’ and sophisticated (e.g. Atelier Brunette, and that crepe that I used for my Vintage Shirt Dress).
  • When I buy new fabrics, I should think about what I’m going to wear them with, considering one of my plans is to make more separates. The colour coordination on day 11 was very thrilling. I’d be pretty chuffed if I was able to do it (on purpose) more often.
  • I’d really like to wear more skirts! I think that, although they push me out of my comfort zone a bit, I do enjoy wearing them – especially button-down skirts.
  • Wear whatever I want, whenever I want.
  • Not really a fan of the Marigold jumpsuit bodice, try it as a hack with a different pattern as the bodice.