Me Made May: Week One

Hello there everyone! Very long time, no speak on here – so sorry about that! I’ve been a busy bee writing my book THE LITTLE BOOK OF STAIN REMOVAL – please feel free to read all about that by clicking the title there. Self promo over, onto what I actually came here to talk about.

Me- Made May is upon us in the sewing community, and I’ve taken it upon myself to join in for the first time this year. I thought that this would be a really great opportunity to scrutinise my handmade wardrobe and help me to plan out what I need to be sewing for the rest of the year. A round two of my The Curated Closet series, if you will.

Each week, I’m going to do a mini round up and review of the handmade items that I’ve been wearing, and then at the end of May, I’ll do a big ol’ detailed look through everything and plan what I need to make next in a video on my YouTube channel! So, here’s what I’ve been wearing this week, and how I’ve been feeling about it all…




Details of the outfit:

  • Pattern: Sew Over It Doris Dress
  • Fabric: From the Sew Hayley Jane October 2017 box (you can read my post on it by clicking this link)
  • Lace trim around the sleeve: Vintage

How I felt: This was the first Doris dress that I ever made, so I’m pleased that I still wear it! I really do love this dress despite it being far from perfectly constructed.

Why I like it: I love the drape of the fabric with this dress, and I think that the way it hangs is pretty flattering – I do wish that the hem was a little bit longer though! It’s a really versatile dress – the length combined with the fabric choice means it’s great at keeping me cool on warmer days, but can easily be layered with my RTW coral cardigan (which I wore with the dress today) and black tights.





Details: Sew Over It Rosie dress with a RTW top

  • Pattern: Sew Over It Rosie Dress
  • Fabric: Minerva Crafts Sienna Crepe in ‘Dusky Pink’
  • Rollneck t-shirt: RTW

How I felt: This was the first time I’d worn this dress since making it in March, and I did really love it! It did feel a little bit out of my comfort zone though, just wearing a pretty fancy dress on a day where I wasn’t really doing anything particularly special, but I have to say, I really loved it! I’m glad that I took the boning out of the bodice for this dress because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable with that added structure. I think that the reason I felt a bit ‘dressed up’ was because of the hem length – my usual day-to-day outfits consist of a top and jeans or trousers, but the majority of my me-made wardrobe is made up of dresses, which has made me realise already that I need to sew more separates! I loved being pushed out of my comfort zone a bit though, and think that this Rosie dress will definitely be making another appearance this month!





Woohoo, an entirely me-made outfit! I’ve only just realised writing this post that I don’t actually have a proper photo of this particular pair of Marigolds, so I’m very sorry about that! The photo on the right I’ve included so that you can see the fabric of the top better, so ignore the jeans! Just to explain the trousers because you can’t see them properly in this photo, they’re a royal blue & navy blue gingham.


  • T-shirt pattern: Megan Nielsen Rowan tee
  • Trousers pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Marigold trousers
  • T-shirt fabric: Cotton + Steel jersey in the Eggplant colourway of ‘It’s a Plus’, bought from Sew Me Sunshine
  • Trousers fabric: Organic Cotton gingham from Cocowawa Crafts

How I felt: Solidly back in my comfort zone! This outfit was a bit of a contrast from the day before, because it’s one that I feel very ‘me’ in. I love the Marigold pattern, it’s definitely my most-used pattern of all time, and I really feel great in this particular version! I made these trousers up for my ‘Sewing Makes You Love Yourself’ video in February, and I’ve already worn them loads. The top is really comfy too, but in my next version I think I’ll be going for the long sleeve rather than the 3/4 one that I used here (if I remember correctly, it was a lack of enough fabric issue rather than a conscious decision). There’s nothing else to say really – if I were to describe my style in one outfit, it would be this one!




  • Pattern: Sew Over It Ultimate Pyjamas
  • Fabric: Esoterra from Sew Me Sunshine

How I felt: Usually, I don’t wear pyjama bottoms all day (don’t worry, I put these on when I woke up – I hadn’t slept in them all night and then carried on wearing them), but I do allow myself to do so on pain days. This day made me realise that my wardrobe doesn’t really reflect what I need to be wearing, if that makes sense – I have a lot of pretty summer dresses, but they’re not very practical for me disability-wise, especially on days where I need to be as comfortable as possible. That’s why I wear separates – the epitome of practicality! I’ve already planned out a load more Marigold trousers, because they’re great for wearing on bad pain days and days where I might be using crutches – elasticated waist = maximum comfort!


marigold garamce.PNG


  • Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Marigold (trousers version)
  • Fabric: Atelier Brunette Garance fabric from Sew Me Sunshine
  • RTW cream rollneck again!

How I felt: I think these are my favourite trousers in the whole world! I really can’t praise them enough  – I love the pink and red print, and they make me feel very cheery. I did get a bit warm though, and changed into a non-me-made (oh no!) pair of shorts around mid afternoon. Note to self… make some shorts!





  • Skirt pattern: self drafted full circle skirt
  • Fabric: Broderie Anglaise polycotton from Minerva Crafts
  • RTW vest top
  • RTW cardigan from Joanie Clothing

How I felt:

This was another outfit that’s made me feel a little bit out of my comfort zone, but I love it! I always feel like I’m far too short for skirts this long, but this skirt doesn’t make me feel that way – it’s really nice and fitted around the waist, and the drape of the fabric means that the skirt hangs close to my legs, rather than flaring out. I should push myself out of my comfort zone more and wear more of these! I did encounter a bit of a problem with the skirt blowing up when it was windy though, and because I was using my crutches, I couldn’t do much about it! I was reminded why I usually wear shorts or trousers… hahaha! I really like this cardigan as well, and it’s the first time I’ve ever worn it because I’ve never been sure what to pair it with. I think that this is another outfit which will be making a second appearance this month!

Review of Week One

  • Make future Doris dresses a little bit longer
  • Keep adding little interesting bits to makes (e.g. lace trim on Doris sleeve, contrasting pockets on Marigolds)
  • Sew more separates!
  • Make another Rosie dress without boning
  • Make long sleeved Rowan tops
  • Make more separate in plain fabrics
  • Keep in mind that I need my clothes to be practical on bad pain days/ when using crutches
  • Make some shorts
  • More pink and red colour combos!
  • Wear shorts under skirts to avoid embarrassing incidents
  • I wore the same RTW cream rollneck twice in one week – might need to make one of those!