My February Favourites

I don’t think I’ve ever done a favourites post on the blog before – usually, I do it on my YouTube channel and end up wittering on for far too long and start talking about something completely unrelated. I thought I’d do it on here this time in the hopes of avoiding the pitfalls of rambling.

Self-Covered Buttons

I bought a pack of 50 Hemline plastic self-cover buttons months ago, because I’m very dedicated to getting as much out of my fabrics as possible – and what better way to do that than by making buttons out of scraps, right?! When I ordered them though, I had no idea that there was a tool necessary to make the job far easier, and instead ended up totally baffled while I tried (and massively failed) to make them. A couple of weeks ago, though, I came across this Hemline Self Cover Buttons Tool. And let me tell you, it’s revolutionary. I’ve whizzed through my bag of buttons, and I’m planning on getting another load of them very soon! I personally think that this tool would work on most brands of self-covered buttons rather than just Hemline, and it works with 5 different sizes of buttons. You know, I reckon it might be the best £2.50 that I’ve ever spent.

Clipper Tea’s Lemon Green Tea

We all know by now that I’m a pretty prolific herbal tea drinker – in fact, I don’t actually like normal tea. Not very British of me, I know! Green tea is supposedly really, really good for you in loads of different ways, but a lot of people find that  pure green tea can  be too bitter to actually drink – it’s more that you drink it because you know it’s good for you, rather than because you’re enjoying it. Clipper teas are all natural and Fairtrade, and this lemon flavoured one is actually enjoyable! You feel fab because you’re drinking something that’s good for you, but without making a face after every sip or adding loads of sugar. If lemon might not be your bag, they have loads of other green tea flavour combos that you can try!

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Megan Nielsen Rowan Bodysuit

I won’t chat about this one too much, because there’s going to be a review of this pattern going up here on the blog pretty soon, and hint: I loved it. I hadn’t sewn with jersey since the Moneta Party last year, (not really for any particular reason other than having so many woven fabrics in my stash) but fell head over heels in love with everyone’s versions of the Rowan top and bodysuit that I kept seeing on Instagram! The pattern comes with 6 variations, and sews up so quickly – I’d 100% recommend it!

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Anything to do with Wes Anderson

Pretty much everyone in the sewing community (myself included) seems to have a lot of love for Wes Anderson’s films. For me, it’s all about the colour palettes and total attention to detail that must into location scouting, set design, costumes and often perfectly symmetrical shots – it’s borderline barbaric how well everything goes together! In the build up to the release of his new film Isle of Dogs (coming out this month, yay!), my boyfriend bought me the DVD of every single Wes film, and I’ve been watching one a day ever since they arrived. If you haven’t watched any of his films, please do yourself a favour and do so right now! Here are some of his most-famous shots:

Side note, I obviously don’t own the rights to these photos, but a girl can dream of creating something this beautiful.

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