Kwik Sew K3897 Dungarees

I’ve made and reviewed these dungarees once before, but with all the dungarees-related hype that’s going around at the moment with the Tilly and the Buttons Mila pattern, I suddenly got the urge to make another pair!

Photo 15-02-2018 11 29 01_preview

I used a needlecord from my stash in a colour that no amount of Googling will uncover the name of and that I’ve decided to name myself as ’embarrassed salmon’ – a nice deep orange/red/pink. I’m glad that you don’t have to rely solely upon my terrible colour description and can just look at the photos! The fabric was easy to cut out, pin and even to sew over, though my machine did need the occasional bit of help when it came to particularly thick parts like the pockets. The wrong side of the needlecord is quite rough and prone to pilling, which I’m blaming on the fact that it was passed onto me by one of my nana’s friends – so I’m not sure how old the fabric actually is! Because of its slight scratchiness, I’ve been wearing leggings underneath the dungarees and haven’t had any problems apart from my black leggings being covered in little pink bobbles of  fluff.


I didn’t have my overlocker at the time of making my first pair of dungarees, so ended up finishing all of the seams as best I could with a zigzag stitch on my regular sewing machine, which didn’t go as well as I’d hoped and the fraying soon set in. This time though, my lovely overlocker Ally was on hand. Even though the needlecord had more of a problem with going a bit bobbly rather than fraying, I feel like the overlocked seams will help the dungarees to last longer – even if it doesn’t, though, I still think the overlocking makes the seams look lovely and neat!

Photo 15-02-2018 11 30 44

For my last pair of dungarees (click the link HERE to see those) I ended up running out of the denim that I was using and improvised by lining the bib and straps in a different fabric, which I ended up totally loving the look of and doing on purpose for this pair! The fabric that I used on these was a remnant from a dress that I wore in my post about how to wear your summer makes most of the year round and happens to be my favourite fabric that I’ve used so far, just because of the FABULOUS print. I interfaced the entirety of these pieces, so that they’d work as well as possible with the needlecord… and I think that they did!


But what did I change this time around? Well, for starters I cut the pattern down from a small to an extra small, because I ended up needing to take quite a lot off of the leg seams last time. This time, the the thighs fit perfectly without adjustment, but I do still need to head back to the machine to slim down the lower half of the leg a little bit so that they’re more straight-legged and less baggy around the ankle.

I also did a lot less topstitching this time around. The pattern’s instructions tell you to do double topstitching on pretty much every single seam, but I decided that it’s a lot of effort for a finish that I’m not really that worried about. I did single topstitching around the straps, bib, bib pocket and faux fly area and that was enough for me – to be honest, the fabric is so dense that you can hardly see it anyway! I also got rid of the two back pockets seeing as I never seem to use them on my other dungarees and that they would make the fabric dig into my hips a bit if I was sat in my wheelchair. Three very roomy pockets was plenty for me!

Photo 15-02-2018 11 29 39 (1)

Finally, I wanted to mention the really cute patch and buttons that I used! I bought the tulip iron-on badge and set of 6 coat buttons from Suzie London at the Knitting and Stitching show last year (which I can’t wait to go back to by the way, I have tickets for the Sunday!) and had been saving them especially for this make. I’m so pleased with how they look, and I didn’t even need to reinforce the patch with a few stitches!

Photo 15-02-2018 11 30 10 (1)