My 5 Favourite Places on the Internet

Every now and then we all need a little pick me up or just to find something new that makes you smile. I’ve put together this list of some of my favourite non-sewing related websites and YouTube channels (none of them are shops, so you won’t be tempted to spend any money) to spread a little bit of happiness around. If there’s anything you’d like to add, let me know in the comments so that we can all check it out!

Worn Stories –

I followed the Worn Stories Instagram account for ages before I checked out the actual website, and I wish I’d done it sooner! People submit a photo of one of their items of clothing, with a story to go alongside it about how it came to mean so much to them. All of the stories are written so eloquently, and it’s rare that they don’t bring a smile to my face – having the visual aid of what they’ve written about helps too, and I usually end up thinking about it for a while afterwards. Two books have come out of this idea; Worn Stories and Worn In New York – I’ve added the Worn Stories one to my birthday list! You’re able to submit your own stories too.

The story in this screenshot is one of my favourites:


worn stories


Furrylittlepeach on YouTube

I mentioned Sha’an in one of my ‘favourites’ videos, but here she is again! Sha’an is a really amazing Australian illustrator based in Sydney and has just written and illustrated her first book. Her videos are wonderfully edited and show her process and day-to-day work, and she’s always so cheery but doesn’t cut the times where she’s stressed out.

Her website is also a splendid area of the internet that I visit often, but I thought that it might count as cheating if I added that as a separate ‘part of the internet’, so here it remains. Her website has a very lovely colour palette; she is an artist after all, and I often find myself scrolling around for quite a long while and reading about the process behind some of her projects.


Shiny Thoughts –

Lucy works as the social media manager for the (ever so lovely) clothing brand Boden, and this is her own website where she shows off her astonishingly colourful wardrobe which she manages to wear without looking like a child. Her happiness never fails to shine through in her photos which are all so colourful that you can’t help but try to find out where that particular bit of wall is so that you can track it down and take your own photos there. She also posts wonder-inducing travel articles and gives a tour of parts of her gorgeous home every now and then  – I’d HIGHLY recommend following her on Instagram; I’ve had notifications on her for months and am often shamelessly the first one to like her photos.


Sophia Rosemary –

Sophia, like Lucy of ShinyThoughts, is another blogger with a focus on fashion. In the video linked to the ‘How to Identify the Gaps in Your Wardrobe’ post (click the blog post title there to have a read), most of my makes were inspired by Sophia’s outfits. Her photos are all such high quality and she really has her personal style all sussed out. I love the great majority of what she wears; though some of it is a little bit too ’70s for me! This is one that I plan on totally copying:

beauty outfit

Goodreads –

I’m sure that a lot of you have heard of Goodreads, but if you’re a book lover and haven’t signed up… you need to! It’s free website that you can use to keep track of the books that you’ve been reading (you can also set yourself a reading challenge for 2018), write and read reviews as well as discover loads of new book suggestions based on what you like. I’ve found some of my all-time favourite novels through this site, and find reading other people’s opinions really interesting. It’s like a book club with no obligations!