TATB Marigold Trousers Review

I’ve been a fan of the Tilly and the Buttons Marigold sewing pattern since I got it in June, and have made the jumpsuit version a few times – but this was my first round sewing the trousers! Spoiler: I love them. You can probably tell from the cheery little photo below:


In my Autumn Sewing Plans video, I mentioned that I’m spending the majority of my time at home at the moment, but don’t want to fall into the trap of wearing jogging bottoms and a hoodie that’s permanently stained with toothpaste every day. Instead, I want to be comfortable (I mean, who doesn’t) but still be able to flex my style muscles and wear something that I feel confident in. My rule of thumb is now becoming ‘If I’d be embarrassed to be wearing this when I opened the door to someone I know, I’ll avoid it when I’m up and about’. Quite a long motto, but I want to make sure that super comfy loungewear is still allowable on days when I’m just feeling pants!


The trousers have an elasticated waist and lovely shape so that you can move around as free as can be with the straight legs. The deep pockets are another huge bonus, and you can easily fit your phone in there along with loads of other bits and bobs – I’ve been able to shove everything that I need when I leave the house into the pockets before I go out so that I don’t need to take a bag with me. In one of my previous incarnations of Marigold, I used a contrasting fat quarter for the pockets; this version had such busy fabric though that I figured that it might work out better to keep the pockets the same as the rest of the trousers –  which I really think helped with my endeavours to not look like a young child!


As you might be able to tell from that photo, red on pink (and pink on red) has been a winning colour combo for me this month – controversial, right?! While I’m a big fan of that particular clash, it can be hard to wear without looking like a four year old that’s dressed herself. Enter the winning combo of these trousers and my new Joanie clothing Go Go Girls Club t-shirt – a snazzy pairing of a creamy baby pink on red and a red on baby pink.

The fabric that I used for the trousers was Atelier Brunette x Mini Labo ‘Garance’ , which you can find on the Sew Me Sunshine website (linked). Marigold is the second thing I’ve made from this fabric, with the first being a Sew Over It Doris dress for the Sew Me Sunshine blog (which isn’t on there yet, but it should be soon and I’ll do a little sneak peek for you when it is!). I’d had this fabric on my wishlist for months and months but had never been able to find it after it went out of stock on the Sew Over It site, where I managed to scrounge about a metre of it from their remnants sale. Once I saw that Harriet – the other Harriet, not me – had it on her wonderful shop, I practically begged her to let me use it for a make for her blog, and thankfully she did! That was where Doris came in, and I used the SOI metre and remnants from the Doris dress to squidge in the Marigold trousers pattern.