5 Top Tips for Choosing Your Holiday Wardrobe

If you’re reading this quite soon after it’s gone up, I’m sorry about the total lack of pictures in this post! I’m away from home myself at the moment (hence why I’m writing this) and have some pretty limited wifi. But as soon as I’m home, I’ll come back to this and add some lovely visuals for you!


When you’re packing for a holiday, you can be one of three people. The person that plans and packs in advance, making sure that everything’s lovely and clean and ready to go, the one that packs a day or so before you set off –  still nice and leisurely, but you accept that anything in the washing is a no-go, or, you’re type three – totally forgets or is super duper busy, and ends up just throwing everything that they can think of into a suitcase. Sometimes you have everything you need (mainly because you’ve taken pretty much your entire wardrobe) or you forget something major.


We’d all like to be the first type, but a lot of the time that’s just not possible (I’m definitely the second one). I decided to make up this list of things that you can consider while you’re packing so that whatever amount of time you have to get your clothes into your case, hopefully you’ll be leaving with enough that you’re able to bring some fabulousness to the table every day that you’re away.


Knowing what the weather’s likely going to be wherever you’re going while you’re there is definitely going to be a top-notch method in planning your holiday wardrobe. By no means do you need to watch the forecast like a hawk (although I like to do this to feel both nice and prepared and get excited about whatever it means I’ll be wearing) but having a general idea about what season you’re in is going to help you avoid getting to rain and snow when all you have are shorts and cami tops. Which leads me onto…


Taking layers is always a good idea wherever you go, especially if you think that the weather’s likely to be changing or that you’ll be popping in and out of shops a lot. Being able to whip off a cardi and vest or bundling on a lovely chunky knit is going to be much easier than needing to nip back to where you’re staying so that you can put something else on! Go for cardis and jumpers that you’ll be able to wear with the majority of the clothes that you’re taking – knitwear takes up an awful lot of room in your suitcase.



Keeping your colour palette minimal is what will take your packing from a collection of clothes into a wardrobe (imagine processional trumpets and all fashion bloggers clapping). Take three different shades at most to keep to the ‘everything goes with everything’ rule going so that you can pretty much throw anything on and it’ll work. My mum’s amazing at this, with her suitcase being a sea of navy while I’m sat there wondering how I’ll make my random assortment of colours and prints go together. In the Marie Claire packing guide it said “if you can’t wear something with two different pieces, don’t add it to your bag” which goes for silhouettes too. I think that’s a pretty solid rule.


Think about what you’ll be doing while you’re away

This one just needs your common sense (and a little bit of seeing into the future). What are you going to be doing holiday? If you’re off camping, it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to take a load of dresses and heels. If you have absolutely no idea what you’ll be getting up to, like in the event of a surprise holiday, just think about who it is that you’re going with and what the weather might be like – or ask what sort of things to pack! It’s also usually a good idea to throw in the wildcard party outfit in case you decide to go out for a bop, whether your idea of going out gear is a bodycon dress, exactly the same as what you wear during the day or something beautifully elegant. I’ve found from experience that there’s usually going to be some kind of spur-of-the-moment ‘let’s go out!’ decision that you somehow end up wearing a sarong and flip flops to because you didn’t see it coming. That being said, take a nice little selection of comfy clothes as well for days that might be spend lounging about the room when everyone’s exhausted or it’s just plain rainy outside.


5) Narrowing Down: Easy to care for Fabrics


This one’s more useful if you need to do some narrowing down to be honest, so you can go through all of the other points first, end up with far too much, and then do this step. Will you need to do washing while you’re away? If you do, (and like I said, this really isn’t something that you need to put loads of thought into at all) it might make it easier to take things with you that’ll be easy to wash – fabrics like cotton. The colour palette will obviously make washing a lot easier, but if you’re going to need to do laundry while you’re off gallivanting and the majority of what you’re taking with you is something like handwash-only silk, it’s going to take a lot of time away from your aforementioned gallivanting.