Sewing Room Details

Being a very nosy person myself, I know that sometimes room tours can go a bit fast, especially when there’s a particularly busy bit that you want to have a look at in more detail or find out more about. So today I’ve written this post to accompany My New Sewing Room Tour video on my YouTube channel, so that I can take you through some parts of it in a bit more detail.

I was very lucky, and was able to move into what was known as ‘the little room’ in our house late in the summer, and transform it into my sewing room. If you’re wondering what happened to everything that was in there – mum and I divvied up the furniture, so we both have some extra chests of drawers in our room filled with towels and things, which was very accommodating of her! The room isn’t perfect yet – there are still some things that I need to adjust to make it more accessible and as practical as possible, but aesthetics-wise, I’m pretty darn pleased.


This is the wall on the left as you come in and has probably been the most time-consuming aspect of the room so far. It’s been like a bigger-scale game of tetris trying to get all of the pictures to fit on the wall, but I think it’s looking pretty good! A lot of the images are printed off of Pinterest (if you’d like to find them yourselves, go to my ‘illustration’ board on Pinterest) and tactically trimmed to fit perfectly, while other bits have been ripped out of magazines, are left over bits of fabric or cards that family and friends have given me. The adorable mini paper bunting at the bottom was bought from Tiger – 4m for £1!



This shelf houses things that I don’t need so often, but I’ve still made an effort to make it look pretty! There are:

  • a few spools of ribbon that I like to keep out just to remind myself to use them,
  • a big head-shaped Benefit tin (stolen from the recycling after it had been emptied of all of the makeup) that houses my wool roving for needlefelting
  • A Marks & Spencer shortbread tin (also stolen from the recycling one Christmas) with my vast array of straight knitting needles
  • A nice glass jar to keep my yarn oddments that I’ve saved for my crochet blanket – the jar was from a charity shop
  • A gorgeous-smelling candle that I’m trying very hard to burn slowly, which was posted to me from a lovely friend in Ohio
  • A metal tin that mum gave to me one Christmas, and contains all of my cross-stitching things
  • A few PDF sewing patterns that don’t fit in my sewing patterns boxes, but that I use so much that there’s no chance of forgetting that I own them
  • My collection of Mollie Makes magazines, which have each been read dozens of times but will always stay in my possesion
  • Some more bunting from Tiger, and battery-operated fairy lights

Next we’re journeying over to the opposite side of the room, to a very snazzy shelving unit which mum found only this week for £15 at a charity shop. It’s the PERFECT size for my sewing patterns, bits and bobs and fabrics – the next photo is a bit of an overview but doesn’t show the sewing pattern boxes, so you’ll have to watch my tour video to see those!


Here you can see the really juicy bit of the shelves, which took me about 20 minutes to arrange! As you can probably tell, I own a very extravagant amount of sequins and beads for someone that doesn’t use them that often – I’m making a conscious effort to incorporate beading into my embroidery now though! All of the jars that they’re in used to contain jam, but have since been washed out and repurposed to make a very cute (in my opinion) arrangement.

I’m not sure what the metal table thing that they’re sitting on is actually for, but ever since I found it at a charity shop last year, it’s come in very handy! Being metal, it’s very sturdy so can take a lot of weight (I used to keep plants on it) but also creates a little underneath area for extra storage. The two tins are both from a John Lewis sale last year, with the top one holding some less pretty, me-made bias binding and the bottom containing all of the presser feet for my machine. Next to those is a little reel of embroidery cotton, and next to that is another tin (this time from Tiger) with a load of machine needles inside.


On the left of the metal table thing is Lyle – my baby money plant that I consider to be a bit of a miracle (I’m going to tell you why I think he’s a miracle regardless of whether you’re interested and despite the fact that the story is not at all miraculous really). I have a big money plant in my bedroom that I’ve had for a couple of years, and when a single leaf fell off a while ago, I couldn’t find it in my heart to throw the leaf away. I rested it on top of the soil of one of my other plant pots, and got very excited indeed when it started to grow into a baby money plant. I know now that this is what you’re actually meant to do to, but I didn’t know that at the time and decided instead to believe that I’d turned into the best houseplant mother in all of the world. Lyle is now big enough to have his very own pot and seems to be loving life in my sewing room.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this mini written tour of my sewing room, make sure to head on over to my YouTube channel to watch the full tour – I’ll speak to you next week!