Mend It Month

I came up with Mend It Month mainly for my own benefit – I have so many projects that are mostly finished but not quite, just needing to be hemmed or taken in a tiny weeny bit – but I thought some of you might want to join in too!

Each week throughout October, I’m going to be focusing on something new to improve the clothes in my wardrobe – both ones that I’ve made and ones from the shops. Here’s a schedule of what I’m planning on doing:



Week One: 1-8th October – Mending Holes/ Ripped Seams/ Pulls/ fixed zips

Week Two: 9-15th October – Hems – Letting them down, taking them up, or even just doing them!

Week Three: 16 – 22nd October – Taking in/ Letting out

Week Four: 23rd – 29th October – Embellishment to improve a garment so that you wear it more

The plan is to just do as much of each theme each week – so for the first week, I’m going to try to fix as many things as I can so that they can have a new lease of life in my wardrobe. For each week, I’ll write a blog post with a guide on how to do whatever the theme is and what I’m going to be aiming to do. There’s no pressure to join in every week, but I think it’ll be a great way for us all to help each other to finish and mend things that we’ve been meaning to do for ages!

If you’d like to show off what you’ve done, you can use the hashtag #menditmonth so that we can check out what we’ve all been doing! I think I’ll aim to do this each October to have a little clean up effort in my wardrobe, so if you don’t want to (or don’t have time to) join in this time around, you can do so next October, but you can always check up on the hashtag to see what’s going on.

Hole Mending/ Zipper Fixing Week – Examples & Plans

This week is mending week – there are so many things that can fit into this category that there are endless possibilities! Here are a few examples of what I’ll be looking to fix:

  • Ripped knees in jeans that have gotten a bit out of hand
  • Moth holes
  • Little holes made my the washing machine
  • Pulls in knits
  • Broken zips
  • Popped seams

A lot of these are relatively quick fixes, so I thought that putting them all in the same week would probably work best. I’m going to be doing a quite time-consuming project and have a pretty jam-packed schedule, so I’m trying to be realistic rather than ambitious and just do one thing. I tend to mend as soon as something’s broken really, so I don’t have too much for this category anyway! I’m going to be patching some jeans with ripped knees that started out cute and little but have ended up ripping so much that they’re practically turning into shorts!

Here’s what they look like – I’m very sorry about the terrible quality photo, but I decided to start patching them at 11 o’clock in the evening and it was a bit dark!

I have some denim patches that I kept from when we turned my brother’s jeans into shorts, so am planning on putting those over the holes and embroidering over the top using sashiko embroidery. On Tuesday, I’m going to be writing a post on sashiko embroidery and mending so that you can have a go at something similar yourselves if you fancy it, so make sure that you’re following the blog to avoid missing it!

If you’d like to follow me along to see what I’m making, you can follow my Instagram for regular updates and photos of what I’m getting up to, and make sure to follow my blog here to keep up with the posts of examples and how-tos for each week’s theme throughout Mend It Month!

I hope that you’re all having a lovely weekend, and I’m so excited to get going on these things this month!