I’ve Made a Printable!

Hello there! Today I have something mighty exciting, even if I do say so myself – so I’ll cut to the chase; I’ve made a free printable for you!

This printable is one that you can use for those moments when you see a garment and think ‘boy oh boy do I want to make that’; something we’ve all thought while browsing Pinterest or seeing the current trends, right?


These pages include seven boxes in total, covering (what I think, anyway) the key parts you’d need to think about when replicating, or making something inspired by, a pre-existing garment. And I especially wanted to get it out to you now, because of the launch of the #sewingthescene sewalong which is being hosted by @theunfinishedseamstress, with some amazing sponsors in Sew Hayley Jane, By Hand London and Minerva Crafts. So if you’re planning on joining in with that sewalong, I really think that this will help you! Keep reading the rest of the blog post to find out what each box of the printable is for, and to see an example of one I’ve filled in!

Otherwise, you could just download it and print it off now (you can also view it on your phone, I do believe you need to be on a laptop or computer to print it off, though) but remember that you do need both pages as they’re used together!

Here’s one I’ve printed off and filled in as an example for you, I thought it might help give you some ideas of how to use it while I properly explain what each box is for! I’ve filled mine in with the #sewthescene sewalong in mind, but don’t forget that you can use this for anything – from something in a catalogue to an outfit your favourite Instagrammer is wearing! And then below my example are the links to download and print off the pages – there are two A4 pages – you use them both at the same time (I did make an A3 version, but figured that not many people would have an A3 printer) so make sure to download and print off both!

filled in onefilled in two

Inspiration images

This box is where you can stick photos that you’ve either printed off or pulled out of a catalogue of the item that you want to replicate. The box takes up half of the page, so you should definitely be able to fit the photo in! Something that I’ve found handy to do in this section is annotating the pictures – literally the features you can see in the garment; don’t worry yet about whether they’re features that you want to include in your own version!

Aspects to Include

I wanted this to be on the same page as the ‘possible fabrics’  and ‘possible patterns’ boxes, but I decided that that wouldn’t leave them enough room and therefore sacrificed perfection and moved it over to the next page, even though this is the bit that should be filled in next. Now you look at the inspiration images, and write down what you want to translate into your own designs. If you want to be super accurate and incorporate everything, I totally salute you because that will take some work, so I tend to either focus on finding a fabric as similar as possible, certain parts of (or every feature of) the silhouette of the garment. Here’s an example of what you could write:

  • Use same weight fabric, but in a different colour of print
  • Use bust darts
  • Change notched collar to Mandarin collar

Possible Fabrics

Potentially self-explanatory, but seeing as I like to be thorough, I’ll explain its purpose anyway. Here you can stick in swatches, write exact names of fabrics and websites that you’ve meticulously hunted down, or just specify the amount of drape and the sort of colour or print that you might fancy using.

Possible Patterns

Here is where you can scheme about the patterns that you want to use, and how you might fancy hacking them together. I’ve left enough space for some doodles; just in case you want to demonstrate how you’ll use the collar of one pattern and the bodice of another!

My Designs

Grab your pencils (or pens, if you’re feeling confident) and draw for this bit! Despite being quite an abysmal artist myself, I like to draw out my plan anyway and annotate which parts are from which pattern. You don’t have to do that though, you can always just write a list of which features will be which, where you’ll add beading, patching, trims and the like!

Any Special Features?

I feel like this one does need explaining. By ‘special features’ I sort of mean embellishments, or any techniques that might stretch your skills a little bit. This could include heart-shaped pockets, embroidery, a fly-front zip… anything, really!

All the Things I’ll Need

You can pop whatever you fancy in here, the notions you might need, possible snack ideas?