#thesewbackproject Wrap Up!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a happy day – hopefully this post and seeing lots of cute baby photos will cheer you up if you aren’t! Today I’ll be wrapping up the sewalong I hosted, #TheSewbackProject (if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, click that link and you can read what it’s all about and then come back – just so that you don’t get very confused) I know that I didn’t publicise it all that much, but I definitely had a lovely time looking at what everyone made, some of which I’ll be showing here!

Just before we carry on though, I want to say that I’m very sorry but there isn’t a prize for the sewalong a) because I don’t have much money at all on account of the fact that I have no job and b) because all of the makes are so wonderful that I couldn’t possibly pick a winner anyway! But if it’s any consolation, another post is going up tomorrow announcing the winners of my Great British Sewing Bee Live ticket giveaway – the end of two Hobbling Handmades events in two days! What a blast. I’m also planning on doing the Sewback Project again next year and spreading it around a little better so that more people can get involved – what do you reckon? I’ll make sure that I save up enough to do some prizes next year too!

The idea of the project was that you made a garment for your current self inspired by an outfit worn by your younger self. The outfit didn’t need to be exactly the same – I know that we probably all made some rather ‘daring’ clothing choices back then – so you could just make something reminiscent of it; like using a similar fabric or making something with the same silhouette. Here’s an example:


That’s younger me on the left in case you couldn’t guess, I know that I’m still about the same height! I did want to recreate the photo but we weren’t quite able to stretch the blog budget to a journey to the Steve Irwin zoo in Australia to hold a baby crocodile, so we recreated this photo of me in the dress instead:

Side note: It was very hard to stand the right way because I’ve grown a little bit and am considerably less cute now, but I hope that you can see where we were coming from – thanks to mum for joining in!

I used McCalls M7314 pattern to make my dress, and there’s a whole blog post review of it here if you’d like to read more about it 🙂

Now that you have a general idea of what the whole project was about, let’s get onto the good stuff! Here are some of the amazing peeps that got in on the sewback action – make sure you give them all some love by following the links below their photos and letting them know how much you love their makes! (Or their younger selves, but please make sure you don’t get creepy with it) 

Another side note: I tried to write this post as late as possible so that I could include as many amazing sewbackers as I could, but there are still some coming in which are very rad indeed! So if you’re not included here, please don’t fret! I most definitely loved your make. And to you lovely readers, do feel free to go through this hashtag: #thesewbackproject on Instagram to look at what everyone made! In this post I’ve only included the makes that have a photo of the original garment (don’t worry, I asked permission) so that we can see where the inspiration came from, but there are lots of lovely makes in the slideshow at the end which are individual pictures, with the makers credited below. Again, I’m very sorry if you aren’t included, I did love all of the makes and it was very hard to pick!


katie.writes.stuff jumper
First we have @katie.writes.stuff! I was so amazed that she knitted a whole entire jumper! Absolutely amazing and some very rad dedication in my eyes – if we had prizes, Katie would definitely be getting one! I’m a big fan of how she adapted the shape and let’s say ‘zaniness’ of the jumper from when she was younger into one that is definitely more wearable now!


Here’s Crystal from @crystalsewsandstuff in her very lovely, and totally wearable blouse! To be honest, I’m blown away that she managed to copy features of the original blouse and use a very similar fabric – younger Crystal seemed to be able to predict the future of fashion, because this is totally on-trend for this summer!


This is the very talented Amy of @_tiny_sparrow_I would like to start off by saying that I’m a big fan of the pose in the photo on the left, and I think that we should try and bring that back into style in our Instagram photos – young Amy is definitely working it there. Slightly older Amy’s dress recreation is very lovely, and a great example of using the initial dress as inspiration! Loving that silhouette (and super picturesque background)

Righty ho, next we have Karina of @liftingpinsandneedles and might I say that this is another fabulous one, and definitely one of my favourites! As you can see, the recreation is pretty different from the original, but I really love how she’s used all of the colours from the original garment! Very clever indeed, and you can see how skilled she is as a sewist from the photo on the right!

romy.kate not asked

And last but definitely not least, here’s Romy of @romy.kate.  Her chambray dress was pretty much an exact recreation of the one that her 2-year-old self sported, and I can’t believe how much work went into it! She widened the skirt to add more gathers, and some bias lace trim to the very cute Peter Pan collar so that it was more similar to the original. I love the fit too!


Woohoo for all of those lovely sewers (and knitter!) and here’s a slideshow of some more magical makes, I love every single one and definitely think I’ll be running #thesewbackproject next year. If you have any suggestions of which month you’d like me to host it, do let me know!


In this slideshow, we have the makes of @zoesews, who made the lovely floral pinafore, @terialta1 with the GORGEOUS black and white shirt dress (which I totally love so much) and whose Instagram includes a very cute dog, and @harika_mahendra, the maker of the beautiful pink floral dress.

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