TCC – Style Profile Summary

This one is going to be the last of the TCC posts for a little bit – the next step is the closet detox, so I need to get going on that before I write about it (you can probably imagine the problem that would come with writing about detoxing my closet without actually having detoxed it) but first, we have this section – a written summary of my moodboard.

full moodboard
My moodboard! If you’d like to see the annotated version or read more about it, go to my last TCC post

You might be wondering why I’d need to write a summary of my moodboard – after all, you can see it right? Well, Anuschka Rees says ‘the purpose of writing a summary of your style once you have finished your mood board is to give you something concrete and tangible to refer to as you tailor your wardrobe to your style’. Fair enough.

So without further ado, here are some key parts of my final style summary – now I’m ready to detox my closet and start the journey of filling up my wardrobe with clothes that I know I’ll love!annotated right

What does a typical outfit look like for this style?

  • A PJ-style shirt tucked into cigarette trousers, a cute bandana tied around my head and shoes with a block heel
  • A fit and flare shirt dress in a bright print, head tie bandana (do those have an actual name?) in either matching or complimentary fabric, and cute shoes

What’s the overall idea behind your style?

My style is based on a combination of sophisticated silhouettes of the 50s and the simple shapes of the 60s, modernised with bright colours and novel prints. I also favour a fit and flare look – whether that’s a tighter top and loose full circle skirt, or a boxy top and tailored trousers.

What are the key pieces?

  • Heeled Mary Janes
  • Head-tie bandana things
  • Shirt dresses
  • Statement jewellery
  • Cigarette trousers
  • PJ style shirts
  • Snazzy tights
  • Dungarees/ pinafores/ jumpsuits

annotated middle

What are the dominant colours?

Colour is key! I want to incorporate pastels, as well as bright colours and some more Autumnal tones, like burgundy and mustard. Prints are a big yes too!

What elements of your style are you already wearing?

I’m already the proud owner of multiple pairs of cute shoes, as well as soooome statement jewellery, and lots of skirts.

I think that’s all for now really – what a short but sweet post! I’m not sure how long my closet detox will take, but I’ll make sure I keep you updated with my progress… I’m sure it’ll start with me thinking ‘oh goodness, what have I gotten myself into?!’