TCC – Discovering My Style (Phase One)

So, this next bit is where it starts to get exciting! I’ve been looking through magazines, websites, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, online shops and everything inbetween to find exactly what it is that I’m drawn to style-wise and making a note of it.

Something that’s really handy to do here (and may or may not be something directly recommended in the book) if you’re doing this bit yourself, is to make notes first to plan where you’re going to be looking for this inspiration. Me being very into colour, I knew that I wanted to go straight to shops and bloggers that were known for their love of all things bright. Here’s my checklist of where to search for inspiration:

updated checklist

The categories I put things under aren’t super strict or important, and as you can probably see, there are things that don’t quite fit into the category that they’re in, but that’s fine – the categories are just there to make sure I didn’t forget anything!

I wasn’t ridiculously diligent at going through all of these; I didn’t sit there and marathon all of the films or scroll down every one of those accounts on Instagram, it just helped me to realise what it is that I like to look at, and to make sure I had plenty of options for my research.

I prioritised the things/ people/ films on the list that I knew I really loved the clothes from, which were:

  • @shinythoughts on Instagram – this lady is my absolute style icon!
  • @rosabellaangelica, @gabberdashery, Lisa Comfort and Sew Over It – the wonders of the sewing world who also happen to share my love of colour (Rosa and Gabby) and vintage silhouettes without totally subscribing to vintage fashion (Sew Over It and Lisa)
  • Boden – colourful, yet always sophisticated!
  • Me Before You – I rewatched this film as part of my ‘research’ – Lou (played by Emilia Clarke) has such a fun style!
  • Tatty Devine – statement jewellery is a must for me!
  • The Iris Apfel documentary – see above reason
  • Pinterest – because that’s where all the most luscious inspiration is!

So, off I went to do my research! If you’d like to have a little peek at what I’ve looking at, here’s a link to my Pinterest account – the boards that I’m using for TCC are ‘I Want To Wear These Things’, ‘Shoes’, ‘Colours’ and ‘Killer Knitwear’.

My Pinterest Account – where I spend all of my time!