TCC – The Status Quo & Style Goals

I know I haven’t gone into much (if any) detail on how this series is going to be structured, and the reason for that is that I’m not really that sure myself. So I hope you don’t mind both me and you going with the flow! Today I’m going to be going through the first three little bits of The Curated Closet, which are:

  • Documenting outfits
  • The status quo questionnaire
  • Setting style goals

Documenting Outfits

I will admit that I didn’t do this part very thoroughly, and instead of actually writing down what I wore on a daily basis for two weeks, I ended up being too impatient and just sort of thinking back and writing down what I usually wear day-to-day. I found that of the of the fourteen outfits I picked, I:

Really liked: 8/14

Didn’t dislike but didn’t really like either: 4/14

Didn’t like: 2/14

Which on the whole, was actually a pretty decent starting point. I know going into this wardrobe revamp that I’m on the cusp of a very dramatic style change – from pretty monochromatic smart clothes for school and oversized shirts to wear at the weekend to very bright statement pieces for every day – so I was expecting the result of this two week outfit tracking to end up with a wholly negative result. But it seems that all of the handmade clothes in my wardrobe fit my new style, and the clothes that I don’t like as much anymore are ready-to-wear garments that I’ve had for a couple of years.

The Status Quo Questionnaire

I won’t be going through each and every one of my answers to the 28 questions in this bit, because if I did we would be here for ages! So instead, I thought I’d tell you about the most important things that I realised as I was answering the questions.

  • Currently my style is pretty confused! The reason I’m working through this book in a series is because I want to make sure that all of the clothes that I spend hours making are ones that I’m going to love and wear all the time, and are completely my style. So far, the clothes that I have made are all very bright, and often have vintage inspired silhouettes. But then the other part of my wardrobe is the complete opposite – dark, oversized men’s shirts and tops that I don’t feel portray the message and my personality in the way that I would like them to, and make me feel insecure when I wear them. So my wardrobe has two extremes at the moment!
  • Because of the whole ‘eighty-percent-of-my-wardrobe-is-stuff-that-I-don’t-feel-right-in’ situation, the main colours of the clothes that I wrote down in my documenting outfits section are not the ones that I want to be wearing. I want to bring in lots more prints, bright colours and pastels, and get rid of some of the darker colours that I’m not much a fan of wearing anymore.
  • I realised that I don’t really have many accessories that would really make me happy with an outfit, for example a bag that matches my shoes, or statement necklaces.
  • I only wear about 20% of the clothes in my wardrobe on a regular basis
  • I really want to hone my shopping strategy and be more considered in the colours of fabrics that I go for and have a clear idea of what I want to make with the fabric as soon as I buy it, so that I know what I can pair it with out of clothes, shoes and accessories in my pre-existing wardrobe.
  • I want to dress in a way that makes me happy, and portrays me as a happy person (and hopefully makes other people smile too!) and I know that I’m not one to really pay attention to what the current ‘trends’ are – I just wear what I like!

And the final bit for this blog post…

Setting Style Goals

  • I’ve already said this, but currently my wardrobe has two extremes – my lovely handmade clothes which I am (apart from a few pieces that haven’t worked out so well) totally in love with, and ready-to-wear garments that I’ve had for a few years and are still lovely, but aren’t really my style anymore. I want to move the things that aren’t as ‘me’ out of my wardrobe, and instead fill it up with very thought-through, lovingly made clothes!
  • I would also like to learn how to style and accessorise my outfits a little bit better, so that I can wear the bright outfits that I love but avoid looking too childish. Obviously, I want them to be comfortable and practical too!

That’s all for this post folks, I hope you enjoyed it! Like I said on my Instagram, I’m going to be doing two TCC Series posts this week rather than just the one (there’s going to be a TCC post every Thursday) because of my lack of being able to do videos for the time being! So my next one will be published on Sunday. See you then!


Again, a little disclaimer, I’m not writing this so that you can use my posts to sort through your own wardrobe (I wish I could, but copyright you know) so if you’d like to work through the book with me, please do go and borrow it from a friend, the library or buy it from Amazon. And also, this isn’t at all sponsored!