My 2017 Vintage Pledge

When I first heard about this snazzy-sounding sewalong (does it count as a sewalong? If not you know what I mean), I thought that it seemed right up my street. I know I’ve mentioned it in one of my previous blog posts (which one though, I don’t know), but since writing it I’ve been mulling over my pledge, and thought that I could re-formulate it and go into my plan in a little more detail.

On the whole, I don’t think that I really have a very definitive style… I tend to wear what I like, which tends to be very bright; I like my clothes to make me happy. But I have noticed that I’m definitely very attracted to vintage silhouettes, and while I don’t think I could pull off a properly vintage-dedicated wardrobe, I would most certainly like to incorporate more vintage garments into my handmade wardrobe, hence why this sewalong was perfect.

Now, I must confess. I am a lover of vintage patterns – the cover artwork is beautifully done, and, well, they’re vintage. I have a lot of them, some of which have been passed down to me and others found in charity shops and purchased because they were just so dang snazzy, but I haven’t actually sewn one successfully yet. I did try a Butterick ‘flared hot pants’ pattern, but the ‘flared’ aspect didn’t seem to carry through and I ended up looking a bit like a nine year old boy with some skintight shorts on. And since then I’ve been a little wary.

But I do love all of my vintage patterns and I do reaaaally want to sew some, so I’ve decided to make five vintage or vintage-reproduction patterns by the end of the year.

Now I just need to decide which five! Any recommendations?