A Review: The First Cardigan

This cardigan has been so many months in the making, and it’s a bit weird that it’s finally dsc_0638.jpgdone. It isn’t perfect and there are lots of parts of it that I’ve been having arguments with, but it’s wearable. I’m just not sure if I really will wear it. When you’ve spent so long on something, it’s so annoying when it doesn’t turn out in exactly the way you want it – so I think it’ll take a bit of getting over before I forgive it and actually wear it out!

I used the DROPS 68-4 pattern for this cardigan, I found it as a free pattern on Ravelry, and loved how the fit and details of the
cardigan looked on the model, and thought that it would be a quick and happy knit – to be fair, I loved the knitting of it, just not so much the finished look!

I used this DROPS Design pattern!

So – the fit isn’t what I was aiming for. I knitted the smallest size, but the sleeves were absolutely massive and I could see that the pieces for the rest of the cardigan were going to be much longer than I was anticipating. Cue the ‘crisis aversion procedure’: using a dsc_0662.jpg
12cm seam allowance when sewing up the sleeves, and casting the back, left and right front pieces off at a length that seemed a bit more ‘me’.

The ribbed button band and placket was something that I was feeling a little skeptical about anyway, but on I went, hoping that I might be converted into loving it once I’d finished. It did look cute, but because of the width of the left and right front pieces of the cardigan, when the buttons were done up, it meant that I ended up with a pretty baggy-looking situation. So away the ribbed button bit went! Now, the buttons are totally functionless, but I still wanted to keep them to break up the very bright mustard – plus, they match so perfectly that I couldn’t not keep them on! It doesn’t really matter that I can’t do it up, because the low neck of the cardigan doesn’t actually go with many of the clothes that I own (I know I sound like I’m moaning about every aspect of this finished garment – to be fair I am, but I’m sure I’ll start loving it soon.)

So, all in all, I loved the process of knitting the cardigan and am a fan of the cute little yarn over details along the front pieces and armholes, but I’m not sure that I’ll knit it again. It required so many changes that I can’t really be bothered to make again and ended up so different to how I was imagining it that I think I’ll benefit from using a paid-for pattern next time that contains more instructions on how to get the fit right!

I really don’t think that any of this is the fault of the pattern, and I wasn’t expecting anything amazing from a pattern that was free anyway! As a first time cardigan-constructer, I think I needed a pattern that went into more detail on the constructional aspects, rather than one that just tells you the bare bones of the pattern! Maybe this one is for more of a seasoned knitter, and that next time I’ll just pay the money for a more in-depth pattern.