4 Teas To Try Before You Die

You’re almost guaranteed to get tea envy as you read this post, so I recommend that you go and grab a cuppa before you carry on.

I’m a seasoned watcher of sewing and knitting podcasts and vlogs, and I’ve noticed that a lot of them have a little chat about the tea that they’re drinking at the start of each episode, which are usually really quite exotic – things like blueberry waffle and Alpine something or other – which leaves my little mug of peppermint tea looking quite tame. So I’ve branched out, and I am now going to share with you, my fellow lovers of crafting and flavoured hot water, my favourite mug-fillers. I couldn’t bring myself to put them in a hierarchy though, so it’s just a list.

I’ve never really been a fan of breakfast tea (as in the tea that requires milk, on account of my dislike for milk), so all of these are herby, but I promise you, once that first gulp has been had, your life will have changed for the better. After all, I am British, and we are firm believers that there is nothing that can’t be made at least a little bit better by a cup of tea (failing that, alcohol).

Bluebird Tea Co – Cherry Lips

I wanted to start off with a more daring tea variety, to make sure that I really grabbed that attention of yours. I only discovered this miraclous combination of flavours very recently, but it was love at first sip – which is handy, because it’s loose leaf and so is a bit of a faff to make. The Bluebird Tea Co only has three shops, but never fear – their internet shop is here (literally linked there). Cherry lips is a cherry-infused green tea, and tastes even more delightful than it sounds. There are also a few rose petals to give it a very gentle and light taste, which doesn’t come across at all artificial. I’m quite stingy about how many leaves (I feel like that isn’t really the right way to say it, but hopefully you know what I mean) I use per mug, and I re-use them after – so that means for each serving, I get two cups of tea out of it. It might sound a bit gross, but I just want to get as much out of it as possible! I could ramble on about how much I love it, and I wish I could give you a taste sample through my blog, but you’ll just have to trust me on it and order some. The smallest order size is only £3.00, so why not? Treat yourself, go on.

Organic White Tea – Clipper Tea

I’ve been having white tea for a very long time, and Clipper Tea really knows how to make a lovely little teabag of it. I was just going through their website and discovered that they do loads of different white and green tea infusions that I haven’t tried yet, and noticed that they have an Easter sale on at the moment (until midnight tonight – that is the 17th April) so I might have to make a sneaky little order. White tea is much sweeter than green tea (although, if I’m not mistaken, the leaves for white and green tea both come from the same plant?) and so is super lovely if you’re not a fan of the taste of its slightly bitter cousin (or brother or sister, I’m not sure what green tea is in relation to white, so I’ll just stop this train of thought before it crashes). Clipper tea seems to be quite widely available – you might need to hunt a little bit to find the supermarket closest to you that sells it, but please do, it’s ever so tasty. I’ve made a lot of my friends try it (and they’ve subsequently become white tea fiends too) and I love it so much that once my lovely friend Amy bought it for me as a get well present (which was very thoughtful of her, and much appreciated – I kept the empty box as a memento). So while you’re ordering that green tea, get over to the Clipper Tea website and put that little box of delight into your basket. Their packaging is wonderful enough, so really the fact that you get the tea with it is a perk.photo-16-04-2017-18-10-13.jpg

Green Tea

I also drink a lot of normal green tea, as well as exciting infusions with other things that I come across. You can get green tea pretty much everywhere – supermarkets, coffee shops, other people’s houses… so you could probably try the one cup before committing and buying a whole packet and then deciding you don’t like it – it does take a while to grow on you, but now I can’t go a day without it. If you do find it a bit bitter, you can always add some sugar or try one of the many (and I mean many) infusions with other flavours – see exhibit A – Cherry lips. I’m not really fussy about the brand of my green tea, because I’ve found that when it’s just pure green tea, the taste doesn’t range much from company to company, but Twinings makes them in little packets that you can take out with you if, like me, you’re not a fan of normal tea but don’t want to pass up the offer of tea somewhere – you take your own teabag. I said ‘tea’ many a time in that sentence, but hey, that’s what this post is all about.

Photo 16-04-2017 18 13 19


White Choc Mint – Bluebird Tea Co

It’s another version of white tea, but trust me, it’s worth buying normal white and this version. It doesn’t taste much like actual white tea (like how cherry lips doesn’t taste like green) but imagine a mug filled with the tears of angels. That is how this tastes, and if that hasn’t sold you then I don’t know what will. It’s white tea, white chocolate and spearmint. And it is really something else. Truly amazing, and the perfect companion to a good book, magazine, film, crafty session, or catch up with your friends. It really is all-purpose and I challenge you to find a situation where a mug of this doesn’t make you feel even a teeny bit better. I bet it would even put a little bit of a spring in your step if you were stuck at a bus stop without a coat in the rain. And that, my friends, is saying something.Photo 16-04-2017 13 19 06

I’ll leave my overzealous description of teas there for today, but I hope that this post has inspired you to branch out with the thing that gets us through the day. The mighty cup of tea. Or at least check out those websites that I’ve linked. I think I’ll leave you with a photo of my really baby cup and saucer set that my little brother bought me for Christmas. He seriously underestimated how much I love it, and I’m very excited that I found a reason to use it for something other than making me feel like a giant.

Photo 16-04-2017 13 22 35

Until next time!