Hello to you lovely readers! Long time no speak, right?! (I have finished another garment but I can’t write about it yet because it’s for a sewalong so it isn’t time)

This is my exciting news – or at least it is if you want to join me in my idea! I’ve come up with the idea of a sewalong in which you sew a garment from when you were younger – here’s a little summary:

It’s time for a throwback! Recreate or make something inspired by an outfit from when you were younger, share it using the hashtag #thesewbackproject and tag me @hobblinghandmades. The project will be running between now and the end of June! A knitted garment is also more than welcome.

Here’s the link to #thesewbackproject YouTube video which I’ve launched to accompany it, which explains fully the idea behind the project, but first here’s how to get involved:

  1. You repost this photo (below) to show that you’re planning on taking part in #thesewbackproject, tag my Instagram, which is @hobblinghandmades, so that I can have a little party whenever someone says they’re going to join in (and so that I can keep up with your photos for the project), and use the hashtag #thesewbackproject for this photo, and each photo following that has anything to do with the project. I’ll be checking the hashtag all the time (and I mean all the time) to see what’s going on with people’s plans!

Heres a link to my Instagram, where this photo is now up so that you can repost it!

actual finol real

2) Have shuffle through your old photos to find a garment that you’d like to use as a starting point for the project – you can either recreate it as exactly as you can, or make something inspired by it! Here are some of the photos that I found which were contenders…

3) Do some thinking on how you want to make the garment and get started! You can post in-progress photos as well as finished objects, and I’ll be sure to look at them all! Just make sure to use the hashtag on every photo that you post which is to do with the sewalong.

And then finally – the end date! At the moment, the planned finishing date is the end of June, but this is very flexible and I can change it based on what you need. Obviously something will take longer if you’re knitting it! I’m planning on getting together some pretty rad prizes, so please do join in!

I really hope you like the idea of this sewalong as much as I do, so please hop on over to my instagram to repost that picture to get started. 🙂