The Knitting and Stitching Show

I thought that first I’d write a little bit about the outfit that I finished before the show and wore on the day first, just because I don’t think that I can really write enough for a whole post just about that! Then I was thinking of doing my Thursday post about all of the things that I bought – and I bought a LOT. So, starting with the outfit:dsc_0096

There has been much discussion around whether this fabric is covered in party rings or donuts, but we just can’t seem to come to a conclusion as to what they actually are. We didn’t have any donuts while I was taking photos, so I’m holding party rings.

Something that will be no surprise is that I used the Hollyburn Skirt (again). It’s definitely my favourite skirt pattern, and my most used pattern so far! I don’t really have anything to say about the skirt other than I love it, I’ll link my post on my first Hollyburn Skirt <- there, so that if you’d like to read a bit more of an in-depth review, please do refer to that!

For the top, I used the New Look Simplicity 6483, which I cut at the ‘lengthen or shorten here’ line so that it would be a little bit cropped with the high waisted skirt. The top pattern said it was an hour sew and I think it definitely was – the instructions were super clear and there were hardly any pieces! I made a size 12, so it wasn’t super tight, and then I took each of the side seams in an extra 4cm (on top of the 1.5cm seam allowance). That’s all I really need to say about the outfit I wore, it was super lovely because a lot of lovely ladies gave me compliments when they saw it! It was really great being surrounded by so many people that are passionate about the same thing as me, I’ve never been able to fangirl over French seams before.

Onto the very incredibly fun day at the show! Mum and I left home at 8:30 (we drove) because the sat nav said that it would take about an hour and a half. We ended up getting there very speedily, found a car park – which was ridiculously expensive even wiimg_5330-editedth a blue badge, and wheeled on up to the door. The kind man let us wait upstairs so that we wouldn’t get stampeded, so myself and mum whizzed up in the lift and waited with a very cute older lady that was telling us about her cross stitching. Once 10:00 hit and the doors opened, I zipped straight off to the Tilly and the Buttons stall which was right by the door
(we later saw the old lady again, she’d bought a cross stitch pattern) and I got a photo with Tilly yay!! I felt very starstruck.

Then we went to Sew Over It – I wanted to get there before it got too busy – the ladies were so lovely! Lisa hadn’t got there yet while we were at the stall, but the two ladies that were there were so super rad and helpful, and said that she’d be in soon, so I took my time choosing the fabrics and patterns that I wanted from there (come back on Thursday to see what I got!) The majority of my money was spent at Sew Over It, and because I spent so long browsing there, mum took lots of photos, so here they are as a nice little slideshow:

And then oh my goodness THEN Lisa arrived (she’s the owner of Sew Over It)!! I was very nervous and went very pink when I asked her, but I got a photo with her too and she signed one of the patterns that I bought! So that was basically the best moment of my life



After that, we went to a lot of the other stalls and I bought lots of things, so it was necessary to have a little sit down at an activity so that my card could have a little break. Mum and I sat down at this #yasvb embroidery session (which is most definitely going to be my next Monday blog post, so I won’t talk about it) and that was very fun.

The majority of the rest of the day was filled with shopping and lots of excited squeals from me, and then one last very excited squeal. On our way home in the car, I got a phone call (which I actually ignored because I don’t like picking it up when it’s a number I don’t know, so really it was a voicemail) from a man that was on the mannequin stall. I’d entered a lucky dip to win a mannequin – and I’d come second! So now I am very lucky and happy to have a mini tabletop Kennett Lindsell mannequin on its way by courier post! I am most thrilled about that.

Nothing can really follow that very exciting news, so I’m going to end the post with a nice little slideshow of photos mum took from the day, including some with the very lovely Louise from Sincerely Louise!

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