My Moneta Dress & Pattern Review

This weekend is the Moneta Party, starting today (Friday) and finishing on Sunday. The party is being hosted on Instagram, by @sewAbigail @SewPositivity and @Rach_wain and I am VERY excited to be seeing everybody’s. I finished my dress about two weeks ago, and have been wearing it around the house feeling very clever to have sewn with jersey successfully on my first go.dsc_0059

The Moneta dress by Colette Patterns is a jersey dress with pockets, rated as a beginner pattern. This was very reassuring for me as I’d never used jersey before, and heard countless sewing vloggers speak of the perils that it brought. I ordered my Elephant origami fabric from Fabrics Galore (I was going to link it, but it isn’t on the website anymore!), and used the school printer (sneaky) to print out the pattern and instructions, then commenced the sticking-together process and used about 4 glue sticks while I did. Being relatively inexperienced with PDF patterns, it took me a little while to figure out the layout pattern and was a little nervous because there were no arrows to match up to make sure that the pieces were matched exactly, but that’s because I was being stupid and a little bit controlling about it.dsc_0057

Once I’d figured out the very simple layout and got to cutting out my fabric, I made the spontaneous decision to not include sleeves (even though I’d been rambling about making version two for about a week), but not to swap to version one either, because I didn’t think that the collar would suit me.

I did some catch-stitching to sort out the raw edges of the armholes, and used the twin needle around the neckband (good decision – it looks rad). The neck is a little bit baggy now unless I pull the sleeve bits to the sides of my shoulders, but I’m pretty sure that that’s because I didn’t have any proper sleeves or a collar to pull the neckline to the right width – but that isn’t a problem at all!

The pattern was so, so quick to sew up, and the instructions were amazing – each version of the dress had its own set of instructions so that it wasn’t at all confusing, with a cutting layout for each size and a page on sewing with knits as well, to make the project as easy as possible. The instructions were incredibly clear, and included simple diagrams to show you what things should look like.

dsc_0038I’m really pleased with my finished dress, and have become a proper jersey convert – how could you not be after sewing this dress?! No fraying, a quick sew, super soft and pockets! Next weekend at the knitting and stitching show I think I’ll be making a stop at the Girl Charlee stand and will probably blow my budget for the year just on things for Monetas. They’re right. It’s definitely a wardrobe staple.

There are a few things other than the pattern and the fabric that you’ll need for sewing this garment, so I thought I’d include a little list below for you, or for my future reference:

  • A ballpoint/ jersey needle

        • This is definitely worth the investment! A ballpoint needle has a slightly more rounded tip than a normal needle, so instead of jabbing through the fibres, it pushes them to the sides so that the fabric doesn’t get a run in it like tights

  • A twin needle

        • This is optional, but I found it a very pretty addition, and it helped with the hemming because my fabric was quite weighty so I’m sure it appreciates the support of an extra line of stitching

  • The Tilly and the Buttons Sewing with Knits blog post

        • I didn’t read this whole article, but I used it to find out the width and length of the zigzag stitch to use with my jersey to make sure that it allows it to stretch enough

  • The Colette patterns sewalong blog posts

        • If you do happen to be struggling with any part of the pattern or the dress, you’ll probably find it here!

And some bonus departing photos – here I am with a dog that we met in the woods and the owner let me hold her! (great day)