The Craft Club – Needlefelting

Last night (hence another  day late post) I made the very short car journey on down to the seafront, where the lovely ladies of out local Craft Club were holding a hygge-inspired needlefelting workshop.

Hygge needlefelted hearts – from @thecraft_club on Instagram

Now – I had never tried needlefelting before, nor did I have the slightest idea as to how to pronounce hygge, so it was all a very new experience. I soon learnt that you had to use a little barbed needle to stab fibres of wool roving into a compact shape, with a lot of stabbing yourself along the way. At the end of the night, out I wheeled with three completed felted hearts, and plasters on almost every finger. But, I loved it so much that I bought a little kit so that I could carry on at home (and have since been ignoring all of my responsibilities so that I can make some more hearts).

Mum and I arrived about 20 minutes before the start of the workshop, well aware that there would be cake to be had, but mainly because we were just so excited we couldn’t wait to leave. So, in we went at about 6:50, squealing about how cute the setup was – the Craft Club always makes it so homely in that little fisherman’s chapel, and you can really tell how much love and care goes into every aspect of their workshops!

After a demonstration, we all went to work making our hearts, and rapid little stabby noises were all you could hear – no one was talking because we were all concentrating on missing our fingers, and making the most perfect heart possible. Of course, there were many needle breakages (mum was very embarrassed to have gone through three) and yelps of pain as a finger was impaled every now and then, but after the two hours were

One of my many self-inflicted finger injuries of the night

up, all of the ladies that had gone to the workshop were thoroughly impressed with their little hearts.


I’ve decided to thread all of mine onto some twine, and hang them up around my sewing desk, and mum has done the same in the kitchen. This workshop was (I think) the fourth we have been to, and every single one has been absolutely wonderful. The setup is always so homely and lovely, and even if you have not a single crafty bone in your body, I can practically guarantee that you’ll have yourself a great time anyway. The ladies hosting are so smiley and kind, bake incredible cakes (which are worth going for even if you don’t end up making anything) and I’ve always been so pleased with what I’ve come home with afterwards. It’s such good fun to have a go at something that you’ve never done before, and even if you decide that that certain craft isn’t for you (which is unlikely, I’ve always had

Image from @thecraft_club on Instagram

such a good time that I’ve bought the stuff to carry on doing it at home) there’s absolutely no way that you’d regret going. So, if you live in Essex – specifically around Southend, make sure to keep a beady eye on their Instagram for their next workshop announcement. I’ll bet it’ll be the best £15 you’ve ever spent! (Keep reading for a link to their Instagram).


As a side note, I’m not being sponsored to say this or anything, I just have had such a rad time at every workshop that I am now a crazed fan of the club.

If you’d like to give them a follow so that you can see all of their beautiful photography, yarnbombs and Craft Club announcements, click here -> The Craft Club Instagram

Here are some photos of me and my lovely mother, along with one of my lovely lil hearts!