A Failed Skirt

I thought I might as well write this post because it’ll make me laugh when I read it back, and hopefully my catastrophic lack of planning will amuse you too.

If you read my post ‘The Importance of Sewing‘, you might remember me saying that I was going to give a skirt that I got at a charity shop a whole new lease of life, and that I’d make it into a tutorial for you lovely people to read. I got so excited about the prospect that I was thinking of title ideas left right and centre and thought I was utterly hilarious when I came up with ‘The Second Coming of the Charity Shop Skirt’, clearly I thought that the revamped skirt project would be of Jesus-quality. dsc_0933

So, I went out and found this very perfect-sized skirt. It’s a tartan wool blend and was only £4, so I bought it and ran (wheeled) back home to put it in the wash.

I set myself up, whipped out the camera ready to take fabulous step-by-step photos and cut out the Delphine skirt pattern from Love At First Stitch.

I carefully cut down the back seam of the skirt and unpicked the zip, taking photos as I went. Then out came the lining and was all ready to cut out the pattern.

Only to discover that only the back skirt fit onto the fabric.

Hopefully I’ll be able to refashion it into something else, but until then,  I’ll pick myself up after this failure and get ready for my next project!

In other news, I’ve launched a YouTube account! I’ve put up two videos so far – I’m not quite confident in front of the camera yet so I’m not 100% pleased with them, but here’s a link to My YouTube channel  in case you want to have a look!